Our team
Radio Soleil Crooner, as wanted by his creator Michel François, it is sunny radio to your listening, a radio which gives you the floor, a radio independent of all political, religious, philosophical ideas, a radio for all without taboo, within the limit of the respect of others.

Radio Soleil Crooner, it is the voluntary complicity of friends artists, composers, performers, music lovers, who believe in the sense of sharing, of the mutual assistance, of the union, of the true values of life. This is the solidarity, the conviviality of friends, attentive to you, listening to those around them and who want to make the most of their artistic gifts to drive the world forward.

The Word of Michel :
'Always go further, always higher, to reach new heights and open up to the world for a better sharing'.

The charm of this radio :
- Give his chance at any talented artist as well in the musical universe as literary,
- Defend, support humanitarian causes.

Radio Soleil Crooner defends your rights, what is important is that the truth, your truth fully exposes !!!

Radio Soleil Crooner has seen the day, thanks to the willingness of all our team of volunteers and talents :
- Michel François, a man of heart, listening to the other, our founder, producer-singer-songwriter
- Donnat Noazim, a man who has travelled around the world with his guitar and his songs, producer- composer- interpreter.

A solid team attentive to you to serve you better.

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Michel François.